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Air Filtering Scarf

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Product Features

✓ Face covering scarf with integrated filter

✓ Four layered nanofiber membrane filter to filter particulate matter

✓ Larger filter surface area compared to other face coverings for better protection

✓ Reusable & washable

✓ Perfect for use on public transport, air travel, work spaces and shops.

Four layer face covering with filter
A tube scarf and neck gaiter with an integrated nanofiber filter, the Air Filtering Scarf provides protection from airborne particulates such as pollution, smog, allergens and viruses - offering 99.5% protection against PM0.1. Reusable and washable with a fit that suits all face shapes, it can be used as an everyday face mask or face covering in a variety of situations. 

The filter is made by Nanotex and has a four layered textile laminate, with an inner layer formed by high-density nanofibers. It offers 99.5% filtration protection against PM 0.1 as tested by Nelson Laboratories USA. A nanofiber membrane is integrated into the scarf which filters particles and pollution.

The Air Filtering Scarf is washable and reusable with an adjustable nose strip & elastic closure to suit all face shapes and sizes. To take care of your Air Filtering Scarf, we recommend hand washing to ensure as little damage to the filter as possible. With appropriate care there will be high protection from PM up to 50 washes and will still offer protection after.
Please note: The Air Filtering Scarf is not classified as a medical product nor as personal protective equipment. It is not suitable for use in health or care, as occupational safety or other protective equipment.


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